Julia has worked with my wife and me for about four years. Our personal and financial records had suffered from decades of neglect, as we each pursued our respective careers. About the time I slowed down, a good friend recommended Julia to us. What a gift that was!

Julia and I now meet for about half a day every week and continue to work on line throughout the rest of the week. She has patiently and gently helped me make sense of my finances, my records, and my planning…basically “putting my affairs in order.”

Julia set up my bill paying on line through a secure website, she’s helped my wife and me establish a spending budget, she’s worked with our accountants and our lawyers to see that projects get completed. And about 1,000 other things…too numerous to list.

By now, Julia knows where everything is and how to access it. She has become the person I can rely upon to avoid chaos if something were to happen to me. This is very reassuring to my family and to me. Julia has also become one of our favorite family friends.