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Julia’s Lifestyle Management specializes in the areas of Organizing, Home Management, and Relocation Services to assist with the high demands placed on individuals and families in the DFW Metroplex . Time is a precious commodity, one that we are all stretched to maximize. Let Julia’s Lifestyle Management help simplify your life through the wide array of services we offer to make life’s everyday challenges a little easier.

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During our initial consultation, we will assess your needs and prioritize what’s important to you. We will then customize our services to meet your specific needs and timetable for project completion. We are sensitive to budget considerations, and will work with you to devise an effective plan to maximize the benefit.

In addition, we are pleased to offer lifestyle services specifically to meet the needs of our senior clientele. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our client as well as supporting family members. We can achieve this by respecting the client’s desire to maintain their active lifestyle and independence, and assisting with areas that may be more challenging as time progresses.

JLM is equipped to handle life changing events such as downsizing, merging of households and relocation. We can also assist in alleviating tasks such as bill paying, scheduling appointments, and home organization.

The Julia’s Lifestyle Management Team is committed to establishing a relationship with our clientele through our experience and dedication to improve their quality of life.

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Julia and her team created a miracle! On very short notice I was required to move from Plano to Austin.  This moved required packing a four bedroom 3,000 square foot house.  Staging it for sale (It sold in one day at full cash asking price with a buyer who skyped in from CA.),  Unpacking and organizing my new house in Austin. The movers arrived in Austin with two trucks on Thursday afternoon. Today Saturday afternoon, I sit in my fully unpacked house – pictures hung, furniture arranged, with perfectly organized closets and kitchen. Thank you for your attention to detail and moving furniture above and beyond the call of duty!

Jennifer C.

Austin, TX. 


Wow – what a difference Julia has made in my life. Because of Julia, I have more time in my life. She has allowed me to do more. What a gift. Julia is very professional, efficient, and extremely organized. Julia has help me with my bills, organization, filing, pulling together a cookbook, projects, mailings, organizing a lifetime of pictures, invitations, holidays, wrapping, shopping, returns, courier, etc. She also has a wealth of resources. She is a team player and focussed on how she can help you. It is such a great match, when you find a person that you totally trust with all your personal documents and information. Julia is able to support me while I am out of town.  She is totally trustworthy and efficient. I feel very lucky to have found someone like Julia. She has really enhanced my life in so many ways. She is the best!


Dallas, TX.


Triple whammy. Things can come in three’s and my life had hit a really big speed bump. Such was the case when a friend recommended Julia Rivard to me. Our family had just made an unwanted move, downsizing, into a new home, my mother had just passed away the week before, and divorce was on the near horizon. Needless to say, after the move, my home and life were in total disarray and I was not able to cope with the reorganizing of my new abode. As a result, after the numerous moving boxes got unpacked, things were shoved into a fifth bedroom, left unattended to multiply, and the door to the room was permanently kept shut. After all, that room was unusable! Julia to the rescue. She rolled up her sleeves, sorted through everything, organizing the ‘keepers’, pitching junk to the trash, and even loaded up her own car to deliver (at least 5 trips) to the donation locations! From that challenging beginning, we progressed into organizing my garage and home office (where she still assists me). I can honestly say that, with the invaluable help of Julia Rivard, my life was aided in getting back on track. I would, and do, highly recommend her services…from the smallest to the largest of personal, business, and family needs.


Dallas, TX. 


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